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Dirt Bike Australia is a supplier to GHR Honda with:

  • TM Designworks Sliders, Chain Guides and Slide & Guide Kits
  • Dirt Tricks Ironman Sprockets and KTM Timing Chain Tensioner
  • Haan Wheels
  • Force Bash Plates and Radiator Guards
  • Scotts Steering Dampers
  • Fastway Steering Dampers and Footpegs and many more products.

These and other products are all race proven and available here. You can buy online or by phone and fax ordering. 

  • The Dirt Bike motto is that the products you might buy here are "probably the dearest to buy but definitely the cheapest to own."  This might sound strange but the sliders and the sprockets particularly allow you reliability previously unknown in events such as Finke and the Australasian Safari. Even if you trail ride regularly the investments in the best products pays off. 
  • The staff at Dirt Bike know their products.  With GHR Honda testing and racing with the products we know if fits, how it wears, and what it saves...
  • Most orders leave the same day... We treat each sale as important as any other....
  • New products are coming on-line all the time.
  • No cheap, "just because other people have it" products will ever be listed.  Be assured that the stuff we sell we race with!!!


Results with Dirt Bike Products



Finke Desert Race 1st and 2nd Outright

Condo 750 Cross Country Rally - 1st & 2nd Outright

Yellow Mountain Desert Race - 1st & 3rd Outright

Dakar Rally - 34th Overall



Australasian Safari - 1st Outright 

Finke Desert Race - 3rd and 11th Outright

Condo 750 Cross Country Rally - 1st & 3rd Outright

Yellow Mountain Desert Race - 1st & 2nd Outright


Australasian Safari -
1st and 2nd Outright

Dakar Rally - 32nd Overall from 186 starters
 Australasian Safari - 1st Outright
 Finke Desert Race - 3rd Outright
 Australian Off-road Championship - 1st E1 & 2nd E2
 Australian 4 Day Enduro - 3rd & 5th Outright, 1st E3 & 2nd E4 class
 Australian Safari - 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th Outright & 1st and 2nd Production Class
 Hattah Desert Race - 2nd & 3rd Outright
 Finke Desert Race - 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th Outright
 Condo 750 Cross Country Rally - 1st & 3rd Outright
 Yellow Mountain Desert Race - 1st & 2nd Outright
 News 24 Hour Race (SA) - 1st Outright

 Australian Off-road Championship - 1st Outright, 1st E2 class, 3rd E1 class
 Australian 4 Day Enduro - 4th Outright, 3rd E2 class
 Australian Safari - 1st Outright
 Hattah Desert Race - 1st Outright
 Finke Desert Race - 1st Outright
 Condo 750 Cross Country Rally - 2nd Outright


GHR Honda is Australia's premier Off-Road and Enduro racing team.  Our results have filled the podiums in both disciplines over the last 8 years. GHR Honda has dominated events such as the Australasian Safari and the Finke Desert Race with Championship class and outright wins in the Australian Off-Road Championships.

Further information and results are available by clicking through to GHR Honda's Racing website.










Sunday, 22. July 2018

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